Why does my new disposable taste burnt all information you need to know?

Why does my new disposable taste burnt? There could be various reasons why your IGET vape is not working. The most common causes of failure are a dead battery or a faulty atomizer. If you notice a burnt taste in your smoke, it may be because your coil has burned out. You must either replace the battery or the coil to resolve this issue. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to replace the whole gadget. With the help of disposable vape pens, you can enjoy your chosen nicotine products without being troubled by the smell and taste of nicotine. This article will discuss why does my new disposable taste burnt.

Why does my new disposable taste burn?

The IGET Disposable is a disposable vaporizer that uses a mouth-to-lung inhalation mechanism with replaceable cartridges. Those trying to find a substitute for regular cigarettes will find this an excellent option. A smoke-free and delectable vaping experience at an affordable price is what the IGET Disposable Vape offers its customers. The battery, cartridge, and mouthpiece make up the device. E-liquid contains nicotine, which makes the battery work. Inhale via the mouthpiece after filling the device with e-liquid.

Do you know what this means?

In case you’ve never heard of a “burnt hit” or are interested in what it entails and how it can affect you, consider the following. As described, a burn hit leaves your throat feeling irritated and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. When it gets in contact with your taste buds, it makes you feel dizzy, hyper, and faint.

One-Use Vaporizers like Burn Hits and Others:

Your rechargeable vaping equipment has no bearing whatsoever on burning tobacco. Even if you use a disposable vaping device such as the Aroma King 3500 or a vape pen, you still risk coming into contact with them. Some of the following could be contributing factors to the negative impacts that your new vaporizer is giving you:

Lacking Energy:

You bought a disposable vape device with the expectation that it would make vaping more convenient, but you’ve been getting random dry and burn hits lately, and you’re still trying to figure out why. Calm your breathing and take a deep breath in here. Vaping devices are known to cause this, although they may be avoided. Without e-liquids, a vape device could not produce any vapor. E-liquids are crucial to the operation of vaping devices. If a vaper inhales from a device with insufficient e-liquid, “burn hits” will irritate the throat and harm health.

Assuming open pod coil priming is insufficient:

When the coils heat the e-liquid in the tank, vaporization begins. Priming the coils is not required when using a single-use electronic cigarette device. Yet, before using a rechargeable vape device, you must first prime the coil. Give your coil three to five minutes to cool down after priming it. After this, you’ll be ready to take a puff. If the coils are not appropriately primed, there is a risk of burn consequences.

Sub-ohm vaping in a series:

When you vape regularly, whether you use a disposable vape pen or a more permanent system, you will eventually use up all of your e-juice. It is true whether or not you use a more permanent configuration. Cotton wicks will ultimately dry up if you do this, and when they do, they will leave behind a harsh and unpleasant flavor in the mouth. This flavor will be left behind if you do this.


The severity of the hit may also result from the improper vaping technique. You should use your disposable vape device correctly and sparingly to avoid getting burn hits at all costs. Now that you know what causes burnt hits and how to prevent them, you can end the problem for good. The most straightforward way to keep your wick from being burnt and your hits from tasting stale are to fill the tank regularly before it grows low on e-liquid.


Why does my new disposable taste burn?

Burnt wicks are most commonly brought on by insufficient vape juice in the vape tank. However, there are other possibilities.

What do you do if you burn a brand-new disposable vape?

Unlike more sophisticated vape pod mods and gadgets, disposable vapes don’t allow you to swap out burned-out coils. You should get rid of the old gadget and replace it with a new one.

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