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Walmart Virginia beach, situated on the Atlantic coast, is the beach that naturally springs to mind when the subject of beaches in Virginia is brought up. As one of the most visited tourist destinations in Virginia, Virginia Beach is a logical choice. Virginia is home to many sandy beaches, including those found around the Chesapeake Bay and the many shorter beaches across the state. The Atlantic shoreline of Virginia is stunning. There are also public beaches throughout the state’s interior, inside its numerous parks and other recreational areas, in addition to the beaches that border the coast of the Eastern Shore. Here is a rundown of the things at Walmart Virginia Beach to go up for a day of tanning.

Things at Walmart Virginia Beach:

Virginia is home

Chesapeake Bay:

Virginia Beach is the most popular beach in the state. Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean attracts tourists. The region’s appeal is boosted by its closeness to the Chesapeake Bay, which improves the area’s culinary scene and provides a wealth of exciting recreational opportunities beyond building sandcastles. Virginia Beach attracts locals and tourists from far and wide because of its abundance of land- and water-based entertainment options. One of the best beach activities is watching a surfing competition. See some beach volleyball or to a concert with live music.

Deal with Sandbridge Beach:

Sandbridge Beach is an alternative that is worth considering if you enjoy the concept of Virginia Beach but would prefer to avoid the crowds that are generally present at Virginia Beach. It’s supposed to be a part of Virginia Beach even though it has its own 4.5 miles of Atlantic Ocean shoreline. Even though Sandbridge Beach isn’t as well-known as Virginia Beach, it offers a more tranquil atmosphere. It is an excellent choice for families and anyone who want a less crowded beach experience.

Virginia’s Colonial Beach:

Northern Virginia is home to a region known as Colonial Beach. Its location between the Potomac and Monroe Bay makes it a prime port of call. You can plan a complete beach vacation with everything from swimming and water sports to boating and fishing, thanks to the abundance of marinas in the region. Colonial Beach accepts tourists with pets from October 1st through March 31st, as long as canines are kept on leashes at all times. Colonial Beach, a nearby marine hamlet, is historically significant and lovely.

Assateague Island’s National Seashore:

There is a beach on Assateague Island that is almost as well-known for its free-roaming ponies and unspoiled natural environment as it is for the gorgeous aspect of its water. The 37 miles of sandy coastline that spans Virginia and Maryland are home to various unique plant and animal life. Wild Chincoteague Ponies are well-known worldwide thanks in significant part to the book Misty of Chincoteague. You won’t have to pick between sunbathing and sleeping on this beach since there’s plenty of area for both.

Cape Charles’s sandy shores:

Cape Charles Beach has routinely been listed as one of the most fantastic beaches in Virginia, despite being one of the less well-known beaches in the state. The fact that it is situated on the eastern side of Chesapeake Bay is one of the characteristics that best define it. Water sports enthusiasts will enjoy their time at Cape Charles Beach. On the beach, local outfitters are available to assist with trip planning. You may explore the bay by renting a kayak from one of the many outfitters.

Beach at Buckroe:

At Buckroe Beach, you may walk along its mile-long beachfront and take in breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay. Public beach crowds and wave energy are both lighter than at Virginia Beach. In the warmer months, lifeguards are constantly present. If you want to catch the sunset, see some marine life, and keep looking for ships docking, you should go to this specific beach. Buckroe Beach is convenient, with easy parking and a convenience shop where guests can buy necessities like sunscreen, beverages, and snacks.

At Belle Isle Beach:

Near Virginia, Belle Isle Beach in Richmond is your best bet for a one-of-a-kind beach vacation. They call it an urban beach because instead of sand and surf, it’s made out of naturally flat rocks that the locals love to use for sunning themselves. Strong currents make swimming in the rapids unsafe, but wading is an excellent option if you want to cool yourself by immersing your feet in the water. In the area around Belle Isle Beach, you may see cliffs and calm, little bodies of water.

Jamestown Beach:

Despite its closeness to the historic Jamestown Settlement, few people know about Jamestown Beach, which is widely considered one of the best beaches in all of Virginia. A park has been constructed directly on the shore, and it has many conveniences such as restaurants, a pier, picnic areas, restrooms, and shaded spots. This family-friendly beach has cooling lagoons and a gorgeous park. Jatherforemestown Beach complements any trip to Historic Jamestowne or Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The park charges out-of-town visitors a nominal daily fee.

Lake Kerr:

Kerr Lake on Buggs Island in Clarksville is a beautiful lake for swimming. The lake has 50,000 acres. You may find quiet inlets scattered here and there throughout the lake’s shoreline, which is more than 800 kilometers long. Swimming and other water activities like water skiing, boating, and sailing may be done in several locations. Kerr Lake’s expansiveness means its canals may be explored in various ways to find one that suits the visitor’s needs.

Smith Mountain Lake’s sandy shores:

One of the best in-water beaches in Virginia may be found at Smith Mountain Lake. A cottage community is spread out on the shores of the state’s second-largest lake. Walmart virginia beach the freshwater beaches around the lake are great for families and water sports enthusiasts. Swimming in permitted areas, boating, jet skiing, and fishing are just a few activities that may be enjoyed on the lake. There are picnic spaces and a fishing dock. Smith Mountain Lake provides fantastic camping amenities and lots of trees for hammocking.

Anna Lake:

Northern Virginia is home to Lake Anna, the third-largest lake in Virginia. Therefore has a coastline of almost 200 miles. Everyone may enjoy a public beach with soft, white sand. The only difference from being on a beach is that there won’t be any waves. Lake Anna’s clean water makes it a great place to go swimming or relax on the beach. Aside from swimming, other typical lake pursuits include wakeboarding, waterskiing, and boating. You may purchase day-of essentials on the lake’s banks or take wakeboarding lessons.

The Beach at First Landing State Park walmart virginia beach:

For the general public, First Landing State Park is one of the few access points to the beach on the Chesapeake. If you’re seeking a day at the beach but don’t want to brave the Atlantic Ocean’s waves, this beach is a fantastic option for you and your loved ones. This stretch of Virginia coastline is far less crowded than others in the state. The beach at First Landing State Park in Virginia is more scenic than the hotel-lined shores of the Atlantic Ocean elsewhere in the state.


The busy city of Virginia Beach, located on the Atlantic coast of the United States, is often named one of the most significant places to visit for beachgoers. The stunningly big beach and the thrilling Oceanfront promenade make this busy coastal city a popular destination. Its location in the state’s southeastern region at the point where the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet makes it a peaceful retreat.


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