Everything you need to know about Pocket size bully!

Pocket size bully is the perfect dog for those who desire a breed similar to the American Bully but prefer a more manageable size. The Pocket Bully, also known as the Miniature Bulldog, is an amiable, loyal, robust, and nonaggressive dog despite his intimidating appearance. Small yet mighty is how his peers refer to him. Although the Pocket Bully is a fantastic pet and guard dog for any household, is it the best dog for you and your family? Your questions regarding the Pocket Bully will be answered in this comprehensive guide, from their dimensions and personality to their nutritional needs and recommended living circumstances. Here we will discuss more pocket size bully.

What is pocket size bully?

Among the many dog breeds that have been increasingly popular in recent years is the American Bully, and one of the most well-known sizes of this breed is the Pocket Bully Pit. Once upon a time, four sizes of American Bullys were considered acceptable, but now only two are. For the time being, the Extreme Pocket Bully and the Exotic Pocket Bully are not recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club as legitimate subtypes of the breed.

Pocket Bully means:

The name “Pocket Bully” implies that these dogs are smaller versions of the American Bully. There are several different sizes of American Bullies. The American Bully comes in four sizes: standard, XL, classic, and pocket. There is also a smaller, pocket-friendly version of the American Bully.  You might run into even smaller versions of the Pocket Bully, which we call “Extreme Pocket Bullies.

Facts about pocket size bully:

The American Bully is a mixed-breed dog that originated through breeding several different breeds, most notably the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier. The species was further refined and standardized so that each specimen would have the ideal size, proportions, and temperament. Pocket Bullies are a hybrid breed formed by crossing two different bully breeds to reach the smaller size desired.

How do Pitbulls and Pocket Bullies Differ?

A pit bull terrier is not the same as a pocket bully. An American Pocket Bully’s genetic heritage includes the American Pit Bull Terrier. Therefore, he’ll look like one. Nonetheless, the Pocket Bully breed that emerged from these efforts had been combined with other bully breeds throughout multiple generations, giving it unique features compared to the Pitbull breed.

Do Pocket Bullies have a locked jaw?

In contrast to widespread assumption, Pocket Bullies do not have a lockjaw. Although Pocket Bullies have broad, deep bottom jaws and lips that hang down low, their upper jaws aren’t as strong. Also, scientific confirmation of locked jaws in Pit Bulls is still pending. This myth about Pit Bulls having lockjaw originates from the breed’s strong desire to hold on to objects. This trait is responsible for the misconception that Pit Bulls have locked jaws and cannot open their lips.

Size breakdown for the Pocket Bully:

Even though Pocket Bully is only a medium-sized dog, he risks becoming obese if his weight is not constantly maintained. A growth chart will help you visualize your dog’s development from puppyhood to maturity. These are just averages; your dog’s height and weight may differ.


Many believe the American Bully is one of the canine breeds most friendly and loyal to its human owners. Despite this, they have the physique of a tank and possess a significant amount of strength and muscle. The Pocket Bully, also known as the Little Pitbull and the Pocket Pitbull, is a breed of dog that is a miniature version of the larger Pitbull. The only difference between it and the American Bully is that it is anywhere from four to eight inches shorter.


The Pocket Bully is a short version of the original American Bully. Although tiny, these dogs are not of purebred ancestry like the Labrador or other larger miniature dog breeds.

What is the price of a pocket bully?

You’ll be dismayed that the smaller American Bully Pocket doesn’t come at a discount compared to the giant American Bully. The truth is that they cost noticeably more. The Pocket Bully’s pricing fluctuates between $1,500 and $2,000 at any time.


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