Everything you need to know about nighthawk router keeps rebooting!

Nighthawk router keeps rebooting: The Netgear Nighthawk is a powerful and efficient internet router. It offers everything a modern router needs. The vast majority of reviewers who have used the Netgear Nighthawk router have nothing but praise for it. Just about any machine has a chance of malfunctioning at some point. Similarly, our router is one of our home’s essential pieces of hardware. The router has a flaw that allows it to reset itself repeatedly after being used. Customers often cite this as a problem while using a Netgear router. In this article, we will discuss more nighthawk router keeps rebooting in detail.

How to fix nighthawk router keeps rebooting?

If our first assumption was incorrect and turning off and back on the router does not address the issue, we will need to investigate other potential explanations for the problem. The following step, which gets us to the next phase, is to investigate the various potential solutions to the problem we are now dealing with. Following are ways to know how to fix nighthawk router keeps rebooting.

Hardware Automatic Restart:

The failsafe feature causes the device to reboot automatically when a hardware failure occurs. Let’s say you’re sitting in a brand-new, stick-shift vehicle. If you put the car into third gear instead of first when you start it, it will not move. You put it in first gear to restart the car and release the clutch. Modern gear will behave the same way if there is a power outage or a problem with the wiring. Automatically, it restarts the attempt to resolve the problem.

Your Netgear router will:

Most routers have a “Reset” button. Needle or paperclip 10 seconds to reset. Turning off and on the router restores its settings. You may not be able to resolve the issue by reverting to the router’s factory settings once you’ve already reset it. For continued inefficiency, we may need to make changes to the firmware.

A Firmware Downgrade on Your Netgear Router:

Sometimes, the newest firmware update could cause the problem, prompting a reversion to an earlier software build. The actual procedure for downgrading comprises doing the same actions described in the preceding section.

1: If you want to use the device, you’ll need to use an earlier firmware version rather than the newest one. After that, you can install it in the same way you would any other version.

2: Looking at the LED light is another way to check if the upgrade went smoothly.

3: The router has to be rebooted if the light turns amber and blinks; to do so, unplug it, wait 15 seconds, and then reconnect it.

4: At this stage, the firmware update is finished and installed.

Incorrect Rebooting of a Netgear Router:

You may be surprised to hear that a complete reboot of your Netgear router will resolve the issue of frequent restarts. Rebooting a Netgear router can be done in three different ways. The first option is the most convenient because it works with everything we own. Before turning the device back on, hit the Power On/Off button and wait 15 seconds. It is the best method to start over. Using the router’s admin interface, you can manually reboot it. Nighthawk is the last available option. Select “Reboot” from the button’s menu.


Repeatedly rebooting the router might not be a big deal if the hardware hasn’t been corrupted. To begin troubleshooting, try rebooting the router. If the Netgear router keeps rebooting despite this, try another solution. If you have tried these steps and they have yet to solve your problem, please contact customer support for further assistance. They may need more details from you before they can help, but if you can provide them with what they need, they’ll be able to fix the problem quickly.


Why does it seem as though I constantly have to reset my router?

More open connections can result from downloading multiple files at once. Overheating and IP address changes also create malfunctions.

Please tell me why my Netgear router keeps resetting itself.

Your Netgear router may restore to factory defaults in the event of power fluctuations, software changes, or a jammed button. The hardware reset button can become caught because it’s in a tiny hole.


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