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Home remedies for bv, including the use of garlic discussed here. There is a natural presence of both “good” and “bad” bacteria in a healthy vagina. An illness known as bacterial vaginosis may develop, however, if there is an excess of harmful bacteria in the vaginal tract. People who have vaginas are more likely to get bacterial vaginosis. While it can go away on its own, obtaining treatment for it may reduce the likelihood of inevitable consequences and health concerns connected with bacterial vaginosis. Continue reading to learn about the most effective home remedies for bv and advice for reducing your chance of contracting the condition.

What are the symptoms of for bv?

Your symptoms will likely improve within two to three days after you have seen your physician and begun taking medicine recommended to you for therapy. Even if your symptoms have subsided, you should keep taking your medication as directed for the full duration of the period allowed for you to do so. This helps ensure the infection is completely gone, which takes about a week.

Top home remedies for bv:

Following are top home remedies for bv.


When taken internally, probiotics encourage the growth of good bacteria that can combat bacteria connected with BV. Probiotic treatment may offer both short-term and long-term advantages. Treatment of BV Individuals could benefit from taking probiotic supplements. On the other hand, natural probiotics can nourish the bacterial colony responsible for maintaining vaginal health.

There is a possibility that consuming probiotics, which are living bacteria that may be found in some foods and supplements, will assist you in reestablishing a healthy equilibrium in your vaginal flora. Using yoghurt or probiotic supplements as a therapy option for bacterial vaginosis is an entirely safe treatment option have been conducted on the topic.

Garlic supplements:

Garlic contains several chemicals, some of which have antibacterial capabilities. In treating BV, using garlic supplement pills produced a therapeutic effect comparable to that of the oral antibiotic metronidazole. However, it is essential to remember that the previous research only looked at garlic supplements in said form. Garlic and anything containing garlic should never be placed in or near the vaginal area of a person.

Boric acid:

Boric acid suppositories may treat BV. Boric acid intravaginally combined with antibiotics may treat BV. Boric acid treats candida yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. How boric acid helps in therapy in its entirety. When consumed by mouth, boric acid is very poisonous. Only use this product as specified in the instructions at all times.

Oil of tea tree:

Tea tree oil has only been shown to help cure BV in a limited number of anecdotal cases. Tea tree oil and products that include tea tree oil are ineffective in treating the disease. Treatments containing tea tree oil, which have been shown to increase the risk of adverse responses in certain patients, should not be taken while pregnant. Medical professionals don’t recommend specific therapies during pregnancy. Consult a doctor before using tea tree oil in treatment.

Cider vinegar for BV therapy:

Apple cider vinegar for BV therapy is helpful. Even if some people could benefit from home therapies, these treatments should be used outside of evidence-based therapy protocols. A consultation with the patient’s primary care practitioner is required before treatment with home remedies may begin.

Remedy for the Short Term:

If you are experiencing symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, you may notice an increase in the pH level of your vagina. Using tests that are sold over-the-counter at most pharmacies without the need for a doctor’s prescription, you will be able to determine whether or not the pH of your vagina is higher than what is considered normal. This can assist in establishing whether or whether you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, which is the most likely cause of your infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance that is often found in many types of home cleaning products. It has been shown that some vaginal probiotics create hydrogen peroxide, which has the potential to assist in the elimination of harmful bacteria and the regulation of imbalances in the vaginal microbiota. There is evidence that treating bacterial Vaginosis with hydrogen peroxide may be helpful.


BV can restore vaginal flora. Eating yoghurt containing live Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures can increase the amount of L. Acidophilus found in the vagina and reduce the number of episodes of BV that occur after 1 and 2 months in comparison to women who ate the yoghurt that had been sterilized and pasteurized. The intra-vaginal application of yoghurt to pregnant women suffering from BV was a more effective therapy for the condition than using intra-vaginal vinegar tampons or no treatment at all.

Eat the right food:

It’s possible that if you eat the appropriate foods, you may improve your general vaginal health and stave against infections like bacterial vaginosis simultaneously. Frequent intake of yoghurt containing probiotics helps minimize the incidence of bacterial vaginosis compared to the consumption of a control yoghurt that has been pasteurized but does not include probiotics. The following recommendations are intended to assist you in maintaining the best possible gut and vaginal flora.


Even though some home remedies for bv may clear up on their own without therapy, getting treatment may help reduce the likelihood of problems. Antibiotics prescribed by a doctor are the most excellent treatment choice. These include the antibiotics metronidazole and clindamycin, both of which are available in tablet form or as a topical cream. In certain circumstances, your doctor could prescribe tinidazole or secnidazole. These are antibiotics. Probiotics, garlic tablets, and boric acid may help. Take your medicine as directed, even if your symptoms improve in a few days.


What is it that prevents bacteria from growing in BV?

A discharge with an unpleasant odour is one of the symptoms that may be caused by bacterial vaginosis. Clindamycin and metronidazole, two different types of antibiotics, have successfully treated bacterial vaginosis.

Is it possible to get rid of BV on its own?

There are situations when BV will clear up on its own without therapy. Medication may reduce the risk of serious health concerns associated with BV, such as HIV infection or early delivery if pregnant.

How to Naturally Eliminate the Smell of Your Vaginal Secretions?

Home remedies for bv: Vaginal bacteria may be helpful or detrimental to vaginal and sexual health. Many of these bacteria are members of the Lactobacillus family, which competes with dangerous bacteria and inhibits their proliferation.





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