Everything you need to know about clothing manufacturers in Atlanta!

Clothing manufacturers in Atlanta: Whether your business goal is to become the next big thing in the fashion industry or sell ordinary clothing products online, finding clothes manufacturers who produce high-quality items is vital. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the garment market; therefore, the companies that dominate the field are usually large conglomerates with deep pockets, celebrity sponsorships, and years of industry expertise. In this article section, we will examine the leading Atlanta-based apparel factories. In this article, we will discuss more clothing manufacturers in Atlanta.

Top clothing manufacturers in Atlanta:

Following are different clothing manufacturers in Atlanta.

Atl. Product Distributors:

The Atlanta Merchandise Group is a one-stop shop for customized apparel, handling everything from initial concept design through final product delivery. They manufacture many different things, including clothing. So that their customers’ enterprises can succeed to the fullest extent possible, they provide them with all they need. They have been doing this for over 20 years, so you know the work will be done correctly and to a high standard. The opportunity to buy unique prints that will offer your company a more personal feel is also available.

The Atlanta Hosiery Manufacturing Corporation:

An Atlanta hosiery company came up with a simple yet ingenious idea with their Two Feet Ahead trademark. The finished garments should be visually appealing. The clothes should be comfortable to wear and attractive to look at. Sol Marks swore an oath of fidelity to these principles four generations ago, and the results of that oath are now plain to see. Over the years, Two Feet Ahead has grown into one of the most successful apparel manufacturers in Atlanta and beyond.

Company Sells Sloppy Clothes:

Scrappy Garment Company is a leader in luxury fashion and brand management, using only the finest fabrics and the most elaborate embellishment methods. Luxury apparel and complements are among their wares. In 2006, it debuted for business as a website selling graphic t-shirts. Scrappy Garment Company’s brand-building strategy is aimed at upscale firms and enterprises interested in working with a team of custom garment professionals and leading Clothes Manufacturing Companies in Atlanta, Georgia.

Studio de Diseo Lydia:

The Lydia Design Studio is an Atlanta, Georgia-based clothing maker that strives to be the region’s undisputed market leader day in and day out. In a time when clothing production in the United States has become a lost skill, they willingly participate in the endeavor to revitalize this industry by providing high quality and local convenience. The term “revitalization” is used here to describe bringing a drive back to its previous grandeur.

Wholesale Alanya:

Over its many years in operation, Alanic Wholesale has become one of Atlanta’s most reputable manufacturers and suppliers of clothes and accessories by consistently providing customers with high-quality products. To help increase sales and profits, the company has rethought its product line and now offers a more comprehensive range of products aimed squarely at wholesalers. Due to the breadth of their product and service offerings, they have established and maintained a substantial presence in various international markets and among Atlanta’s top clothing manufacturers.

To create stitches:

The people who make up Project Stitch include procurement experts, creative and technical designers, and sample makers. All of these folks are dedicated fashion designers with a mission. Expert advice and planning, direct material procurement, beautiful design development, and well-managed production are just some of the services they offer as one of the top clothing manufacturers in Atlanta, Georgia.


If you’ve considered this, your clothes business concept is likely established. You have not only perfected the technique of eyesight correction, but you also have some creative ideas or designs for clothing to go along with it. To make matters worse, you have yet to learn how to get started or who you can rely on when it comes to having specialized apparel manufactured for you. Despite this, many new businesses always stay on the ground because of this problem. Finding a skilled tailor can be a smooth endeavor, and we are here to reassure you of this.


How much do manufacturers typically charge to make your product?

To give you a ballpark figure, the typical cost of developing even the most essential items is $30,000.

How much money would I need to get my clothes lined up and running?

Of course, the magnitude of the initial financial investment needed is directly related to the scale at which your business will be launched—starting at roughly $500 for a modest apparel brand and going as high as $50,000 for a massive one.

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