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Chihuahua male is average roughly two inches taller than females. When compared to males, female Chihuahuas are often lower in stature. A full-grown male Chihuahua can grow to a maximum height of 9 inches. But their tiny bodies mean they never tip the scales at more than 6 pounds. Chihuahuas are the second most popular breed of dog euthanized in American animal shelters, after Pit Bull Terriers, due to their large population and, unfortunately, their lack of accessible homes. We hope that you will be able to give a Chihuahua male a good home, but before you do, we think you should know the following seven things:

Facts about Chihuahua males:

Following are facts about Chihuahua males.

Behavior Dissimilarities:

Male Chihuahua puppies generally are warmer and more affectionate than their female counterparts. They are more loyal to their master and watchful of their loved ones. And unlike their female colleagues, they tend to form a more profound bond with them. Men are typically friendlier, calmer, and simpler to get along with than women. Additionally, men generally are more dominant than women.


Male Chihuahuas pick up on new information quickly and follow directions effectively. Once an order has been learned, the chances that it would be disobeyed again are low. They will respond better to positive reinforcement through praise and incentives than to harsh punishment when being trained.

Cats and other domesticated animals:

The male Chihuahua is a great house pet because of his friendly, outgoing temperament. The house pets get along with him because of his laid-back personality, sociability, and quickness to learn new indicates that male Chihuahuas, often less distrustful than females, will have an easier time adjusting to and coexisting with other pets in the home.

Chihuahuas hate their owners:

They make excellent desert companions, but when they come inside the house, where it is cool, they need to be covered up. Your Chihuahua will spend less time trembling if you invest in a heating pad for them, especially if you live in a particularly chilly climate. They also need to be outfitted in a full complement of warm outerwear. Indeed, children may need their very own closet.

When it comes to Chihuahuas:

As a bodyguard, a Chihuahua can keep its owner entirely occupied. You must accompany them outside and stay put there at all times since they are vulnerable to attacks from birds of prey. If you have other large dogs you need to protect from being run over, you may need to take your Chihuahua to a safe spot. Do not kid yourself into thinking that you do not need to maintain the quality of the indoor environment. When a Chihuahua jumps off the couch, they risk breaking a leg.

Personal bodyguards:

According to specific accounts, Chihuahuas have been known to serve as personal bodyguards to their chosen humans. It does show that they can bite individuals who get too close to them. Training a puppy from a young age might make it much simpler to modify this behavior. If an adult dog has formed a poor habit, primarily if it is currently engaged in the action, it is much more difficult, but possible, to break the habit.

How to Care for Your Chihuahua?

Simple preventative measures include sticking to a regular eating routine. We make sure to give them a small treat whenever our Chihuahuas go without eating for more than a few hours. Your Chihuahua will need breakfast as soon as you get up, especially if it goes without food or water all night. A human enslaved person that you are, the mighty Chihuahua brings you breakfast in bed.

Chihuahuas cower when challenged by humans:

As far as toy breeds go, this one is standard fare. In addition to the classic “duck and cover,” some infants will hear a piercing scream the first time you pick them up. Just what does that mean, exactly? As soon as we listened to the cry, we panicked and let go of our son, sure that we had hurt him.


Chihuahua males have huge personalities that make up for their lack of physical bulk. They have such a captivating presence that crowds of people can’t help but be drawn to them. Their perked-up ears, bright eyes, and sly expression make them considerably sweeter than they first appear. Male or female, Chihuahuas are fantastic companions because of their friendly demeanors and boundless energy.


What distinguishes Chihuahuas from other dog breeds, most notably?

Most people’s initial thought when they hear about a Chihuahua puppy is that it is a very fragile creature. And considering how small and frail they are, it is easy to see why.

Which Dog Is the Best Watchdog?

Chihuahuas are well-known for their unique sense of hearing and smell. While their hearing is just ten times as sensitive as a human’s, their olfactory sensitivity is one hundred thousand times greater.

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