Best and popular cartoon characters ugly for 2023!

In contrast to famous movie actors, cartoon characters ugly never get old or change appearance; they remain the same throughout their careers. A cartoon character that has a memorable appearance will remain well-liked throughout the years. When it comes to cartoons, however, the idea of what constitutes beauty is entirely up to the person who is creating them. The unfortunate implication is that unattractive characters will never outgrow their traits. To put it another way, these are some truly repulsive cartoon characters. Regardless of the circumstances, they are still cartooned characters ugly. Here we will discuss more cartoon characters ugly.

Top cartoon characters ugly:

Following are the top cartoon characters ugly.

Rawhide Clyde:

The animated series The Kwicky Koala Show debuted in 1981 and featured a character named Rawhide Clyde, a fur trapper. The program was broken into four different segments, and Rawhide Clyde appeared as the main antagonist in the Crazy Claws part of the show. Clyde was a fur trapper who was obsessed with a wildcat that went by the name Crazy Claws. He was a nasty man who revelled in the opportunity to take the lives of lovely cuddly animals to make money off of their skins.


Rasputin was a Russian monk who dabbled in witchcraft during his time in Russia. The primary adversary in the animated picture, Anastasia, also appears in the movie. Rasputin is depicted as an evil cossack soldier with green skin, a gaunt face, oily black hair, and a beard. He also has a moustache. He encourages others to carry out the murder of the Czar and his family. During the time that the soldiers are storming the palace in the movie, the Empress Dowager grabs Anastasia and flees.

Mr Denzel Quincy Crocker:

Mr Denzel Quincy Crocker is a primary school teacher in Nickelodeon’s The Fairly Oddparents animated series. He is known to his students as Mr Crocker, infamous for being a cruel instructor who enjoys doling out failing grades whenever he is irritated. Mr Crocker is thought to have an awful personality because he despises children but still works in schools that serve children. He has a hunchback, crooked teeth, and his ears are on the back of his neck.

Oogie Boogie:

In the stop-motion animated film The Nightmare before Christmas, one of the bogeymen is named Boogie. The people who live in Halloweentown hold him in the highest regard as the most terrifying of all boogeymen, but they also hold a healthy amount of fear and loathing for him. He is Jack Skellington’s archrival and adversary. Oogie is the personification of everything that young people have a natural aversion to. He is comprised of a burlap sack for a body inhabited by a wide variety of nasty, crawly insects.

Eustace Bagge:

Farmer Eustace Bagge lives in the middle of nowhere in Kansas. Courage shares a home with them because he is Muriel Bagge’s spouse. Even though Eustace despises Courage’s cowardly actions, he respects the dog more and more each time the dog comes to his rescue. Eustace is an older man who has lost all his teeth and has a bald head. He has long feet in addition to a long, projecting jaw.

Madame Medusa:

Madame Medusa is the primary antagonist in the Disney Channel animated series The Rescuers. She is a woman who is greedy, cruel, and without any compassion. She is utterly oblivious to the fact that she has a repulsive appearance. The fire-engine red hair that Madame Medusa wears is unruly and unattended. She had on an excessive amount of makeup, including black kohl and artificial eyelashes. Madame Medusa wears bright red off-shoulder skirts, pink high heel shoes, and purple fur coats.


The translation of The Fool into French is LeFou. In the animated film Beauty and the Beast, he serves as Gaston’s assistant throughout the story. He is a clumsy and dimwitted character, and he occasionally makes snarky remarks about things, including, occasionally, Gaston’s behaviour. Even though Gaston taunts and abuses LeFou for his statements, LeFou continues to admire Gaston and stick by his side. LeFou is a short man with a stocky build and teeth that are crooked. He always has a pink nose despite its large size and bulbous appearance.


Cartoon characters ugly don’t have as much chance of getting a happy ending as Mickey Mouse or a Disney Princess, and they’re not nearly as adorable as those characters. Even though they aren’t the main antagonist in Disney animated films, the “Ugly Disney Characters” almost always get the short end of the stick in terms of their storylines. On the other hand, it’s rare for an unattractive Disney character to end up with Prince Charming’s heart and marry him. Ugly characters can be found in every Disney film.


Who plays Disney’s most repulsive character?

Despite his outward appearance, you’ll find that Quasimodo has a kind and gentle personality. However, he was born with a back abnormality that gives him an unattractive hunchback, even though he is exceedingly nice and strives to do the right thing all the time.

Why do characters in cartoons not have pants to wear?

It almost always comes down to financial and time constraints. Gloves were given to characters to wear because the character’s designer intended to emphasise their hands. Drawing pants would be a good use of time. Thus he is not wearing any.


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